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  • America MSB / NFA
  • Canada MSB
  • Australia DCE
  • Malaysia LFSA
  • Saint Vincent SVG
  • European Union MTR

- Financial License Introduction -

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  • Australian ASIC license

    Australian Securities & Investments Commission

    Government agencies, the scope of supervision includes all institutions involved in financial product information consultation and services
  • US MSB

    Basic license-a wide range of applications

    Huobi, OKEX, and Binance have the same license to support digital currency transactions/foreign exchange retailers
  • Saint Vincent SVG

    St Vincent & The Grenadines

    Offshore regulation, jurisdiction where the foreign exchange market is not regulated
  • Canada MSB

    Foreign exchange/virtual currency trading authority

    Classic license with high gold content, and the business scope clearly includes virtual currency trading and foreign exchange
  • Australia DCE

    Professional digital currency exchange license

    Digital Currency Exchange Provider, strong supervision
  • American NFA

    National Futures Association

    U.S. NFA Association Supervision

    US Securities Regulatory Commission Registered Investment Advisor

    SEC regulation, necessary for large investment companies and wealth management companies, Morgan Stanley/Easy Wealth/Tiger Securities, etc.
  • UK FCA license

    One of the classic license plates

    The UK Financial Conduct Authority supervises 58,000 financial service companies and financial market regulators in the UK.
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