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Focus on website SEO optimization work

Word site optimization/Web site environment optimization/Negative information processing/Positive information promotion

  • Word site optimization
  • Website rights reduction restoration
  • Negative information processing
  • Website optimization construction
  • Website diagnostic evaluation

New media operations

  • Basic operation

    Social media certification Location user service
    Menu planning integration Content direction release
    Operational data analysis

  • User Operation

    Take the user as the center and follow the user’s needs to set operational activities and rules

  • Content operation

    Using new media channels, using text, pictures or videos to present corporate information to users in a friendly manner

  • Creative operation

    Effectively utilize and integrate the advantages of creative resources

  • Promotion operation

    Unique sales proposition refinement, creative strategy formulation, overall operation step planning, investment and expectation setting

Operating media

  • WeChat
  • Facebook
  • YouTube
  • Instagram

Digital marketing

  • SEM marketing

    Provide integrated marketing solutions for search engine platforms

  • DSP Marketing

    Aggregate PC terminal + mobile terminal resources to provide multi-channel integrated marketing solutions

  • Non-standard resources

    Provide non-standard resources such as public opinion monitoring

  • APP marketing

    Entry super APP matrix campaign planning and execution

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